Accounting Firm Richardson

Accounting Firm Richardson

Headquartered in Richardson, Ray Smith, CPA (Accounting Firm Richardson) supplies a complete spectrum of conventional taxation, accounting and bookkeeping services, coupled with a wide selection of specialty and market industry practices.

Proficiency, Assurance and Caring are the foundations by which Ray Smith, CPA built his Accounting Firm. We are a full-service CPA accounting, located in Richardson.  We are the rare firm that brings together the experience in audits, taxes, and consulting. We possess decades of public accounting experience in an assorted range of industries, throughout Richardson, focusing on privately held companies and their owners, entities registered with SEC, and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Our goals are as follows:
  • Make a difference – make a significant difference in the lives of our clients.
  • Maintain the interests of our clients’ above ours always.
  • When difficult choices arise, Act responsibly.
  • Seek out appropriate solutions and options for our clients with the objective of creating long-term professional relationships.

The services, performed by Ray Smith, CPA, cover a vast array of professional services and a high level of specialization. Besides tax planning and preparation, we offer bookkeeping, cash flow analysis, business consulting, and notary public to name a few.

If you’re in the market for a reliable, trustworthy, and professional accounting firm in Richardson, then call us today.  We can help get you back on track and trusting your accounting firm again.  (972)437-3698.